About Me



Marcel Burger (Anna Paulowna Noord-Holland, 1964) self-taught artist. Started drawing and painting in 1984. At the time, mainly engaged in airbrush. Won numerous awards (including trips to Milan and New York) in the course of time with this airbrush work. Been a participant in several exhibitions, for example Times Square NY. Nominee of the Florence Biennale 2013, 2015 and 2017.

In 2012 started painting in acrylic paint, on canvas and Art-paper. Current style: colorful, modern, abstract with the occasional touch of pop art. Inspired by the great Picasso and a.o. Basquiat the modern paintings breathe an Avant- Gardist style sometimes. The original designs are also characterized by their own power, simplicity and balance. Lover of contrasting and often primary colors.